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The Night Swimmers…Re-issued!

Free for a limited time!

To celebrate getting my novel professionally edited I have set the Kindle edition my first novel of the Katie Undercovers series for free until Monday May 16, 2022. (It’s also part of the Kindle Unlimited program for those who use that).

Katie Undercovers – The Night Swimmers

This latest version should be 100% error free. If it’s not…there’s a bonus! Anyone who lets me know of a typo or grammatical error will get Book 2 for free when it comes out in the fall.

Thanks! I hope you enjoy it. 🙂


Just in time for Halloween…

…I’ve (finally) set loose a spine-tingling spooky story that is sure to shock, alarm, and generate manic fear and blind panic across the land!!

Okay, actually, almost none of that is true!

I did (finally) get one of the promised ‘Dock Girls’ short stories up in time for Halloween…but I can’t promise it will be particularly frightening for anyone. Well, maybe Amber’s mother if she somehow stumbles across it. Which I doubt. Though – as the tale will attest – Amber is known for being a bit free with her concept of ‘sharing’ so who can say!?

Anyway, my goal now – due to repeated urgings from the various narrators involved – is to get my butt in gear and keep putting out (figuratively speaking) new installments to the ‘Dock Girls’ series over the next few months. I’m setting myself the target of one per week (Friday being the hopeful constant publishing day).

I releasing them one at a time in part to help motivate me to get them all done, and also as a way to ‘expand my catalog’ which I’m told is the thing to do! Once they’re all out though I will bundle them all together as one entity (and a cheaper price than the per-story cost). So I’d wait until Christmas for that to happen…or if you have a KU (Kindle Unlimited) Amazon account then of course you can dive right in anytime.

Okay…time to get to work on my Halloween costume. What it be this year…? Slutty Nurse? Slutty Vampire? Slutty Lawyer? (Is that a thing?)


Story Planner

I made a thing!

Since I have always use Moleskine notebooks for my journaling I’ve lately been using them for story ideas and plotting and such. Some writers (like me) like to fully plot out their stories before they start writing. Others (the ‘pansters’) prefer to ‘write by the seat of their pants’ and make it up as they go along. This printable plotting guide is probably not for them! 🙂

What is it?

Well…after reviewing a zillion different types of story structure and plotting layouts I’ve ended up with one that works for me. It’s a sort of crib-sheet that is spaced so the lines exactly match the line spacing in a standard Moleskine notebook. I printed it out on thicker paper and then cut it out and use it as a book mark. Then on a single page of my notebook I can briefly plot out an entire 28 chapter novel! For me it’s just the first step but if I write small (and I do) I can put a LOT of information about my story.

If anyone finds it useful please let me know! 🙂


Hello world!

Oh boy! This is harder than I thought. Or at least if not actually more difficult just taking longer than it should to figure out. There’s probably youtube videos on ‘how to wordpress’ out there. Right after the baby shark one probably…

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