Once upon a time…I started journaling. It became part of my daily routine to put pen to paper and write down anything and everything that had happened to me, or thoughts and feelings that had wandered in and wouldn’t otherwise leave.

This carried on for the better part of a decade and generated a huge stack of (mostly) Moleskine type notebooks in various colors and patterns. It was therapeutic. And over time it changed from pure incomprehensible stream of thought nonsense, into…well, something occasionally more coherent.

Somewhere along the way I discovered reddit.com. Initially I went there just to seek out other rudderless, like-minded souls. And for a time that was enough. But then I began exploring other subs (as they’re called in the reddit world) and found endless photos of cats, some useful grooming tips, and places where some of the steamier tales in life can be shared.

And so I did. Somehow in the years of journaling, I became (more or less) adept at putting words into sentences. It was fun! And people who found the stories I wrote seemed to find them entertaining. Most, if not all, of these tales, were autobiographical misadventures of a sexually-explicit nature.

But then, not being terribly promiscuous and not wanting to sacrifice too much in the way of research — I ran out of stories to tell. At least of the true reminiscence variety. Which brings us to the mystery component.

I love a good mystery story! I’ve read somewhere just shy of a gazillion novels of almost every genre, but I always circle back to mystery stories as my favorite. From Agatha Christie and Conan Doyle, to Tana French and Louise Penny, and many noir and thriller types in between. So when I thought I should try writing a fiction story the genre choice was clear.

Or was it? Actually…no. My problem (if you want to call it that) is that I’m still most comfortable with all the steamy, sexy, explicit (and just plain fun) sort of things. So when I began the idea for my murder mystery story the naughty sexual hijinks just worked their way in.

And so…Katie – Undercover(s) was born. Part standard mystery, part goofy sexcapades, all (hopefully) good adult fun!