I made a thing!

Since I have always use Moleskine notebooks for my journaling I’ve lately been using them for story ideas and plotting and such. Some writers (like me) like to fully plot out their stories before they start writing. Others (the ‘pansters’) prefer to ‘write by the seat of their pants’ and make it up as they go along. This printable plotting guide is probably not for them! 🙂

What is it?

Well…after reviewing a zillion different types of story structure and plotting layouts I’ve ended up with one that works for me. It’s a sort of crib-sheet that is spaced so the lines exactly match the line spacing in a standard Moleskine notebook. I printed it out on thicker paper and then cut it out and use it as a book mark. Then on a single page of my notebook I can briefly plot out an entire 28 chapter novel! For me it’s just the first step but if I write small (and I do) I can put a LOT of information about my story.

If anyone finds it useful please let me know! 🙂