Haha. Hoo boy.

So after over a year of diligent hand washing, and mask wearing, and avoiding hugs with friends (I really like hugs)…I goofed.

As near as we can figure it was during a beach volley get together. It was over a few days last month and I had dropped by to see ‘the gang’ at the beach on thursday afternoon. I had not played myself but had sat with a few friends, discretely sitting apart(ish), and watched a game. We did not wear masks, but we were fairly far apart. At one point though…I believe I drank from a water bottle that wasn’t mine. This was the big ‘oops’.

As it turned out…one of the gf’s of the guys playing, who I was sitting near, ended up testing positive. I learned all this much later.

The weekend went by, I played some games, I hung out at home. I was feeling great! Until tuesday morning of the next week when I had that “gee…did a truck run over me in the night?” feeling. Full body ache. Wicked headache. No fever though! So I thought…meh. Whatever.

Wednesday was worse. So with alarm bells finally going off I got driven to the testing site and had to gargle with salt water and spit delicately into a test tube. When it comes to gargling I’m a total pro – so no issues there. But the swishing back and forth sequence was more problematic. Somehow I ended up drooling a fair bit. This was, I imagine, neither very sexy, nor was it ‘best practices’ from the look the nurse gave me. Sigh.

Later than night I got ‘the phone call’. And then I was sent off to isolate by myself in the cottage. Feeling (deservedly) like I had leprosy, my main agony was imagining everyone else who I had now exposed. It was two days of hell waiting for everyone at the house to get appointments for testing and getting the results. All negative! Unbelievable.

I slept well that night I can tell you! After that, it was just putting in the time while my body cycled through the various covid symptoms on my personal menu. Loss of taste/smell? Check. Body ache? Check. Fatigue? Oh My God Yes! Headache? Check. etc. etc. Still…never had a fever thankfully. I was chilled though. So lots of hot baths, when I had the energy to drag my ass to the bathroom and turn on the water, at least.

Anyway! I’m now out of isolation, back at the house, feeling pretty silly, but back to maybe 80% of my former swagger!

Hope you’re all staying safe!? And…always double check who’s water bottle you’re holding!