…was a course that I probably should’ve taken! Haha.

After early excitement with some sales over the first two days the flood of those clamoring to read my novel dried up pretty fast. Flatlined completely. Crickets.

But I am in no way disheartened! This is all a learning process, and I’m already figuring out many things that I will do differently when the next story is ready. So that’s all good. Meanwhile, though I really need to try and get some reviews and ratings going on. Both on Amazon and on Goodreads. So if you’re reading this (and read ‘The Night Swimmers’) I’d be hugely grateful for a quick review or even just a ratings click.



Okay, that said, what wisdom can I impart…

Oh yes! Do not — I repeat do NOT — leave your favourite flip-flops outside overnight. Even though you think that they’re ‘just beside the door’ and under the safety of the deck…the racoons don’t care. I found one halfway down the yard and it was chewed almost beyond recognition. The other…well…presumably it didn’t come off so well. I imagine that by now it’s either passed completely through a raccoon’s digestive tract or maybe they just used the little chewed-up bits to play with in some sort of sick and twisted raccoon sporting event.

Possibly my flip-flops were targeted because I have nice smelling feet. It’s doubtful…but I’m clinging to that belief.