I really like having sex outdoors. Out in nature.

It hasn’t happened often but when it does it’s the best. I guess if you want to say that I have any sexual ‘kinks’ at all then maybe that’s it. But, it’s important to know that while the ‘being outside’ thing is a kick, there is absolutely not an exhibitionist trait in this. Being watched by a third party is, to me, super creepy and would have zero enjoyment. At least that’s true if the watcher is another human. Forest wildlife watching me naked on the other hand…that’s pretty cool. Like I’m one of them somehow. Another animal in the wild. Which I suppose we are really, (or maybe just used to be?). And while I’ve only had a small number of outdoor sexual trysts I definitely enjoyed all of them.

But there are a few others that were a bit more authentic I suppose you could say – back yard, friends cottage on the dock, that sort of thing. Most though have been solo things. Stolen moments here and there on day hikes or camping trips. Typically staying fully clothed and just one hand down my pants in some isolated spot – over and done within a matter of a few minutes. With one very notable exception.
There is a place in Vancouver Island called Cathedral Grove.

It’s an island on an island…in a sense. A part of the original old-growth forest that got preserved when the logging companies went crazy all around it. (There are loads of other untouched places around but this is one of the only ones that you can drive right up to). It looks like this:

And it’s absolutely a Fern Gully, Avatar, Jurassic World kind of a place. Quite special.
I’d visited a few times on family trips before, and – like most visitors I imagine – we had just hiked a few of the short looping trails that lead away from the roadside parking place. Sort of 30 minutes in and around and back out kind of thing. There isn’t anything else nearby so it’s sort of a stop on your way to somewhere else kind of a place.

But two years ago (almost to the day!) I was there on my own when I’d been visiting nearby with friends. They had all gone off to go caving (which I didn’t want to do) and instead I suggested they leave me at Cathedral Grove for the whole day. As I said, it isn’t a place that people generally go to for very long but I had a blanket, a book to read, and lunch and water, and no other plan at all, so I was very happy.
They dropped me off early, maybe 9 am or so, as they had a full day planned for themselves. At that hour the parking area beside the road was all but empty so even though it was shaping up to be a corker of a day, I had the trails essentially to myself.

I followed the trails around for a bit and ended up near a river that comes past. And set up with my blanket and my book. A few hrs pass happily enough and the visitor traffic has begun to spike noticeably. There is a pretty constant flow of people passing my little spot and it’s sort of dragging me out of the zen calm with nature thing I begin to realize had been going on for me. I pack up and follow the trails away from the river and deeper into the forest. Not long later I reach a point where the trail starts to turn back and I figure I’m probably as far from the parking lot as I can get.

Technically you’re not supposed to leave the trail but there is really nowhere along where I am where you can sit either. Aside from just right on the trail. It’s noonish now and I’m hungry and the sun is high. Shafts of light pour in here and there but it’s mostly filtered. There is a spot off the trail though, maybe 50 meters away that looks like a bit of an opening, it’s a bright swath of forest that looks like a little glade. I wait for some German tourists chatting away to themselves to pass by. When they’re out of sight I take a last look around and then do my best to sneak off the trail and into the forest. It’s rough going! I’m slipping and sliding on moss and roots and god knows what. But after maybe 10 minutes of sweaty work, I make it to the ‘glade’ I saw. It isn’t. It’s sunlight and beautiful, but it’s a moss-covered tangle of fallen trees with nowhere obvious at all to spread a blanket. Shit.

I climb up onto one of the trees. Even though I’m at what was the pointy end of the tree this is still easier said than done as it’s huge!). But I just wanted to sort of get a look around since I’d come this far. Before heading back to the trail I think. Once on the tree though it’s actually easy to walk along it like a bridge than it was walking on the forest floor. And the other end is the base end so it just gets thicker as I go. I walk along. Super cool.I reach the base end and there’s a stumpy crown of root ends sticking all around. All just covered in hanging moss. I could probably climb down but I’m like 10 feet in the air or something and there’s no real point. The best thing is just to go back the way I came and return to the trail and then find somewhere else. I know there are trails on the other side of the road and I’ve never been on those. Maybe that’s worth a go.

Before I do, for some reason I take a little look past the roots, just to see what lies deeper in the forest. And wow! THERE is my glade. Where the tree used to stand. The roots had pulled up when the tree fell however many years ago and the ground has yet to be filled in with a new tree. It’s just a very thick low forest of gigantic ferns among the gigantic trees. There are little streams of sunlight bearing down. I’m not a great climber by any stretch but I manage to climb down using the thick root stumps as a ladder.

It’s awesome. I spread my blanket out (trying not to crush too many ferns in the process) and lie down. The ferns close in around me and I’m looking up past them to the blue sky and the gentle swaying of huge trees all every side. So cool.
I take my shoes and socks off. Lunchtime. I eat. I drink from my water bottle. I lounge. I read some more.
Then I have to pee.

I’m sure I could probably manage somewhere close to the blanket but that doesn’t seem right. The footing is a bit tricky, but the moss is so nice under my bare feet I decide to leave my shoes off. I take a step or two and realize that keeping my balance and wrestling with dropping my pants is going to make the whole peeing thing a bit dicey. I return to the blanket and take off my pants and after further consideration my panties as well to make things easier. I put my fleece back on though, it hangs low gives me the slight feeling of protection as though I was wearing a micro mini skirt or something. But really it’s an illusion. I’m bare assed no question!

I navigate off the blanket and end up going a fair distance, maybe 5 meters further than needed but I find a little route through the ferns to near the base of another massive tree and do my business. I linger a bit there afterward. There’s a spot where the sun is shining hot and I stand in it. The moss under my toes and feeling the slight breeze over the skin of my lower half. Hmmm. In the far distance, there is the very, very faint sound of heavy trucks on the road but that’s it. No voices from the trail. And even if there were it’s completely hidden from view from where I am. I listen hard just in case but only hear the hum of insects, the occasional song of a bird. Impulsively I pull off my shirt and fleece together and hold them in one hand, and stand fully naked in the sun.

I think I intended to just do it for a moment. Just to feel the sun all over my body out here in the deep woods. Natural all around, a very primal feeling somehow. But I stand there basking for many long minutes. When I finally decide to make my way back to the blanket my fleece and shirt stay in my hand. I take my time getting back, stepping carefully and lingering, and again it feels very primal somehow. So when I reach the blanket I stay naked and it just feels right. I make a pillow out of my fleece and lay down on my back once again hidden by the ferns. The sun has moved a bit more across the sky and now the blanket is almost fully sunlit. I close my eyes.
Mmmmm. Feels nice.

There’s a thing I do before I masturbate in bed. It’s sort of part of the ignition sequence. I hold my hands over my stomach and my fingertips lightly drag over my skin up and down my body. Sometimes they move together sometimes they go in opposite cycles – I leave it up to them. They do this 90% on autopilot, I’m barely aware of it consciously. The movements tend to start confined to my abdomen but gradually lengthen until they are making contact with breasts and thighs and then nipples and vulva

So I’m lying back in the forest. Completely naked. Hearing the murmur of the wind in the tree branches high overhead, the pulse and hum of insects all around me, the soft rustle of ferns when a stray gust reaches the ground, and…the very faint drag as fingertips draw lines over bare skin. Huh! I lift up my head for a moment and glance around as best I can but there is really nothing to see except for the 50 shades of green of the forest and the sapphire blue of the sky above. My knees draw apart on their own accord. I close my eyes and lie back. As my thighs part wider I can feel the unusual warmth of the sun’s rays on my pussy. And then, even more, when my inner lips are spread open as my fingers begin to rub and slide and tease

In general, I typically don’t hold back during sex or masturbating. I usually rush to the orgasm finish line with all due haste and then if time allows race again…and again. But that somehow seems…disrespectful to the moment. And so I do the opposite. I linger.
I also typically focus my attention straight on my clit. Using my girl goo or saliva or both to lubricate my fingertips. But I find instead that I’m cupping my whole pussy in my right hand. Applying pressure to all of my parts with my entire palm and fingers. I still slide a finger or two between my inner lips from time to time and then drag them hot and slippery up over my clit for some gentle attention there, but there’s no urgency to it.

I have no idea how long this goes on. It’s a super languid pace. At one point I do hear some voices passing on the trail but they’re very far away. My left hand has been still doing the occasional fingertip body drag over my stomach and boobs. And bit by bit the same hand movement over and over on my pussy and I slowly become aware that my body has been lifting up by that orgasm wave.

Typically the peak of that wave is a pretty sharp and pointy affair – a steep climb up, a spin around the crest, and then a drop down the other side. But this is more of a rounded ocean swell than a breaking wave. And when I start to cum I almost don’t realize it. The gradual difference between the feelings of pleasure is not the usual sharp release I’m used to. But it also goes on..and on…and on…and then fades back down to the same full-body glow I felt just before. But it’s not a repeat sort of thing. I keep my right hand pressed warm and wet against me for another minute or two. There is an initial coolness when I finally pull it away and drop it down to the blanket by my side. But the heat of the sun is still on me. A little while later I fall asleep.

When I do wake I’m chilly. The sun has angled off and even though there are still rays cutting through around me the ferns have me almost all in shadow. Still, I procrastinate getting dressed as long as possible and when I finally do I have a tinge of sadness like I’m leaving something special behind when I do.