So gosh! Here we are. The year 2020 limping to an end…and what can we say about it? Some good things here and there, but most of them almost completely hidden by the thick layer of shittiness that was covid-19 and all that went with it.

Still, I’m choosing to focus on the positive! Which for me, among other things along the way, means that I started and (almost) finished my first novel. Just a few days left of the year and I won’t quite get it finished, but it’s quite close to being done! So…yay for that! 🙂

What else…

Well, I guess the other noteworthy item is that this website now exists. Still finding my feet in terms of how it actually works but I’m getting there. I need to work out exactly how I’m going to walk the line between the fun sharing of personal anecdotes and overstepping into the private aspects of those around me who don’t necessarily wish to stand in the spotlight (so to speak).

Meanwhile, back to the novel! So I have spent (wasted?) more time working on cover ideas and gosh golly and holy fuck is it harder than one would think. I’ve been all over the ‘steamy erotica’ lists from Amazon and such to look at what others in my genre are doing and it’s been wildly unhelpful. Why is that? Well, partially it’s because that my precise genre seems to not exist…or at least it’s very hard to find any other book that hits the same mix of; steamy/funny/mystery. Maybe that’s a good thing?? Maybe that’s because nobody actually wants to read such a cocktail? Time will tell! For now, I’m closing in on a version of an earlier cover design which I’ll post up here soon and hope for some feedback. 🙂

Okay…speaking of cocktails! It’s almost 3pm which means that it’s socially acceptable here to start cozying up to a rum and eggnog…and so I shall.